Our team has always been on the front lines as the industry evolves. Efficiently tackling the 3G/4G LTE evolution while working alongside major carriers to provide 5G upgrades,

TruPath is currently tasked to produce new site builds for AT&T.


First emergency responders and officials work diligently to keep the public safe. TruPath has worked to build a dedicated emergency response carrier in multiple markets.

Tower Consulting

Our trained professionals offer construction consulting and the creation of close out packages.

Additional Services

  • Steel Modifications / Mount swaps
  • DC Power / Battery Installation
  • Civils (Power Plants)
  • Line & Antenna (L&A)
  • Radio (RRU)
  • Fiber / Power Cabling
  • COVP / Raycap Installation
  • Site Surveys / Mount Mapping
  • Tower Engineering
  • Supply & Construction
  • Tiger Team & Troubleshooting
  • Rigging Plans
  • Disaster Relief Responses
  • NSB


“Awesome craftsmanship and customer services from this crew, great job! We need more crews like this in the market.”  – Video Quality Auditor

“This crew is legendary and I enjoy working with you guys daily. Thank you for all your hard work” – Construction Manager

“When I arrived on site, I could tell right off the bat this company was different. All guys were working very effective, efficient and uniformed. You can tell they appreciate this industry. I would refer them to any market” – Field Engineer (AT&T)

“The management team of TruPath are very respectful, knowledgeable, and strategic professionals that strive to make success a responsibility” – Turf Vendor 

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