About Us


TruPath Investments, LLC is based out of South Florida with footprints throughout the country. Formed because of the need for professionalism within the field and a passion for the telecommunications industry. TruPath excels thanks to our experienced workers and trained professionals who provide quality work in a timely yet safe manner. Always providing the best experience for both our clients and staff.


Nationally producing outstanding quality services while providing and practicing professional safety measures. A team all customers can rely on.


Our team of tower specialist have more than 25 years of collectively managing, constructing and maintaining telecom towers for multiple carriers nationwide. TruPath has completed a large volume of network projects for major vendors while maintaining successful relationships with highly satisfied customers.


Highly motivated, hardworking individuals with the ability to adapt and evolve allows TruPath to outperform our competitors. A broad understanding of the industry enables us to make successful decisions– benefitting both our company and our customers. In order to maintain focus and performance, TruPath is defined by four strategic concepts: safety, quality, reliability and consistency.

Our Partners

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